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Functional Safety Services

  1. SIL verification of Low and High demand (or Continuous), for new or existing safety systems (per Safety Instrumented Function, SIF, or whole system).
  2. SIL sensitivity design analysis, in order to review/optimize selected safety components/instruments, SIF implementation, selected proof test periods, or applied maintenance philosophy. Target: to identify design bottlenecks, and to provide recommendations to reach target SIL rating with minimum re-design effort.
  3. Chairman for HAZID, PHA, LOPA, HAZOP and SIL determination assessments.
  4. Chairman for FMEA, FMECA and FMEDA assessments.
  5. Determination of safety devices, equipment or system “Failure Rates”, “SIL Certification” and manufacturing/configuration improvement recommendations from FMEDA assessment.
  6. Development of Design specifications, or Safety Requirements Specifications (SRS) for safety systems.
  7. Auditory of existing or under design safety systems (Whole system, or per SIF basis)
  8. Basic training on IEC-61608 (IEC-61511).
  9. Training on IEC-61608 (IEC-61511) to increase participants capabilities to understand and to review “SIL Certificates”, and “SIL Verification” reports.
  10. Coaching and mentoring on “Functional Safety”.
  11. Review safeguarding systems VENDOR’s implementation.
  12. Perform FAT and/or SAT of safeguarding systems, following design requirements.
  13. Develop Cause and Effect tables (C&E).
  14. Review design/facilities for “Maintenance Override Switches” (MOS) and proof test in safeguarding systems.
  15. Design and/or review implementation of “Valve Full/Partial Stroke Test”.
  16. Design and/or review Safeguarding narrative.
  17. Design and/or review proper integration of Control and Safeguarding narrative.
  18. Design and/or review safety sequences, integrated with “Cause & Effects” (C&E) tables and process design.