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Simulation Services

  1. Development/Review of specification for simulation studies, and simulation cases.
  2. Development/Review of Operator Training Simulator (OTS) specifications.

    According to possible scopes of work for local OTS, WEB based OTS, and/or integration with control system for online performance monitoring, or for providing plant dynamic performance update to optimizers and plant operation planning.

  3. Review/Verify that plant model complies with design and mass/heat balance.
  4. Detail review of simulation configuration. For example: control valves actuated via SOV cannot have the same behavior of valves commanded by pneumatic actuator (Choke valve, Refrigeration compressor load valve, etc.)
  5. Review/Verify plant simulation configuration, to approve simulation VENDOR simplifications of plant design.
  6. Conduct the/Acting involvement on “Model Acceptance Test” (MAT), and/or preliminary test.
  7. Prepare reports, recommendations or modification to Control/Safeguarding design, according to simulation report results.
  8. Review/Verify proper simulation of compressors, related to properly identify Surge condition and compressor performance.