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Instrumentation Services

  1. @ Project definition phase: definition of instruments and plant location.
  2. @ Project design phase: verify that selected instruments are properly designed, and they are measuring the required process variable according to process design basis.
  3. @ Construction/Commissioning/Startup: specialized instrumentation support.
  4. @ Construction/Commissioning/Startup: verification of instrument installation, according to P&ID and instrument hook-up drawings. Generate list of recommendations and required modifications/recalibrations to fulfil good engineering practices and project design specifications.
  5. DP level transmitters calibration of reaction and regeneration section @ FCC plant.
  6. Boiler DP level calibration to perform proper level measurement with dynamic pressure compensation.
  7. Flow meters verification, calibration and recalibration. Mass and Energy balances. Flow metering systems.
  8. Flow compensation based on flow element type and on ISO-5167, and ASTM-1250 (API MPMS 11); and for any other flow element type like: Coriolis, Vortex, Thermal, Pitot tube, electromagnetic, ultrasound, etc.
  9. Development/Review of control system and/or Safeguarding system specifications.
  10. Development/Review of HIPPS (HIPS) specification.
  11. Review/Verify Control system specification.
  12. Troubleshooting/Checkout of basic instrument, calculations and simple control loop configuration in control system, according to plant design and specifications.
  13. Integration of VENDOR’s packages Control/Safeguarding into selected Control/Safeguarding system.
  14. Instrumentation problems review, de-bottlenecking and resolution.