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Process Control Services

  1. Design/Review of APC, Complex or Regulatory control loops.
  2. Design/Review of Compressors’ control (Load/Anti-Surge), Distillation control, Combustion/Incineration control, Reactor control, Boilers’ Load/Distribution control (2-3 elements), Serial or parallel arrangement, Load sharing, Production/Injection wells control.
  3. Design review Cascade control, Ratio control, Split range control, Constraint control, Feedforward, Batch control, Distillation control, Control Loops’ Bumpless Transfer, Heat control, control calculations.
  4. Development of Process Control narratives document(s).
  5. Involvement and Participation on Control and safeguarding systems FAT and/or SAT, in order to verify compliance with design documents, proper configuration and performance.
  6. Design/Review logic sequence for plant/equipment startup, several operation modes, shutdown and maintenance mode.
  7. Application of optimization techniques based on MPC (Multivariable Predictive Controller) and/or Linear programming.
  8. Integration between Process Control and Safeguarding design and operation, of control loops and logic sequences.
  9. Data application integration between analyzers, Laboratory, Advance/Complex control strategies, Neural network models.
  10. Development of advance Tank monitoring based on ASTM-1250 (API MPMS 11).
  11. Development of “Simple Dynamic Plant Models” (SDPM) for testing control loops and/or equipment logic sequences.
  12. Development of templates to simplify Operation/Maintenance and to normalize Control/Safeguarding operation/Configuration of plant equipment like tanks, pumps, air coolers, control loops, wells, compressors, etc.
  13. Control loop tuning for compressors, turbines, boilers, separators, columns, exchangers, etc. Including Control loop configuration review, and Tuning report.
  14. @ Construction/Commissioning/Startup: Process control support.
  15. Issues on Control loops, configuration, HMI, sequence logic, package integration review, de-bottlenecking and resolution.